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Pool Opening - Spring

Eastern Massachusetts, Boston, Cape Cod, MA

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Pool Opening Season

Removing and cleaning winter pool cover, Testing and adjusting water balance, Replacing winter stored items: ladders, auto cleaners, baskets, plugs, gauges, etc., Inspection and testing of electrical equipment: pumps, lights, heaters, etc., Starting-up motor and adjusting valves for proper flow, Brushing tiles and scrubbing skimmers, Skimming pool surface, vacuum pool, and Backwashing filters

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Pool Services

Pool Services


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Eastern Pool Service guarantees the highest quality of service across the board. In addition to manufacturers' warranty, we provide warranty on all pool and equipment repairs. Type of warranty depends on the type of service provided. Contact us for more information.
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Located on the South Shore. We service Eastern Massachusetts including Boston Metro area, Quincy, Hanover, Cohasset, Plymouth to Cape Cod, Wellesly, Weston, and out to Alltleboro, MA